Wonderful Ballroom Dance Shoes

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Capezio Ladies Alyssa Ballroom Shoe

You can’t ask for more comfortable ballroom dance shoes. The Alyssa from Capezio move with your feet as you spin around the dance floor and support you with every step. They have a foam insole that not only conforms to the contours of your feet but also holds up where you need it most, the arch and the ball. The articulated design allows your feet to move naturally instead of holding them ridged. Best of all, these foot saving comfort features are artfully hidden inside the ballroom dance shoes, leaving none the wiser. Plus the multiple heel heights lets you pick the lift that will allow for your natural movement.

Not only do these ballroom dance shoes supply all the comfort and support you need, they do so while being very stylish. These beautiful satin pink heels match with a number of dress styles and the classic color brings a touch of youthful innocents. Compliment a pastel gown or tone down a bright colored one with these pretty pink shoes. The understated design allows on lookers to focus on the movements instead of drawing the eye down. The simple strap highlights the ankle while securing the shoe, giving you peace of mind.

Not only do you get these great ballroom dance shoes but they also come with a clear heel protectors so you won’t have to worry about damaging the delicate satin cloth or snagging the heel on uneven walk ways. When your ready to show your moves, just slip the protectors off and dance away. They also come with a matching shoe bag so you can discreetly carry a spare pair for when your feet need a break or keep them safe while traveling. They even come with a separate storage box so you have a place to keep them at home that’s both safe and stylish.

Over all, these ballroom dance shoes are well worth the money.


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