The New Short Hair Cuts for the Trendiest of 2013

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Short hair will be the real protagonists of the 2013 season, especially after the recent red carpet that really marked a breaking point.

If you have long hair and then you are in doubt about what to do, do not waste your time … is not an alternative, but a moral obligation. Of course, this advice only applies to fashion victim. The ladies before making a reckless step it is good to reflect and speak calmly with their hairdresser.

The New Short Hair Cuts for the Trendiest of 2013

As regards the hair short , you can safely opt for a head almost shaved. The summer trend is a few millimeters, a little ‘military style. It’s definitely a look important and not all is well. It is not recommended to those who have very pronounced features, who has little hair and who does not have a perfectly round head. It is a practical, but – if any – tends to highlight the faults.

The second tip is a look a bit ‘more moderate, though still very short. We saw the beautiful Charlize Theron follow in the footsteps of Anne Hathaway sporting a pixie delicious. Both actresses have a little face unique look and this puts even more emphasis on their face.

If you prefer something more aggressive, then you should experience a cut a little ‘punk with long tuft , possibly fired up. To make the most of this kind, betting a lot on color, which should not be hesitant tone: it takes platinum blonde or jet black.


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