The new collection of White Lingerie

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I remember a few years ago in search of perfect undergarment was it a sacrilege. An adventure more dangerous than a proper Indiana Jones: Price, design and comfort had to be merged into a single model to get it could take home. And that was almost mission impossible. But over the years the companies have begun to launch their own lines lenceras and today it is the turn of the White Spanish.
The new collection of White LingerieWhat about? True, in the image everything is beautiful person and things change, but we must give opportunity to see their prices. But those that have a pronounced chest is better to stay away: the fillings do not try them you can not. A pity! Sometimes you do not need to show off a model sexy and exceptional: we according to which things to use it. Example? The effect bandeau for according to what dresses or shirts. The straps make you spoil a look, and that are a band of cotton can remedy the problem.

But sometimes that not have braces not just what we need. Will you use one cut dress? Then you can choose the other model. And yes, although views are so horrible, the half-strip are most appreciated invention to use tight clothes that are molded to your body. The print-animal is print bookmark in dress clothes and undergarments. Yes, but I am horrified in both sectors, I must admit that in this field sometimes (only sometimes) gives a wild touch sexy and perfect.

The fasteners are transformed into mini lace corsets you can combine both with clothes of the same color and fabric as this print we are talking about. Although you can always turn to total look. But if this is the Animal print is not your thing you can always turn to other less conspicuous but just as groovy as the Vichy. You can always turn to black and play tissues: Lace hems and bows give a feminine touch to the whole. And if you prefer, mix one smooth black garment stamped with another part: the result is great.


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