The Nero Giardini Collection for Spring-Summer 2013


The Nero Giardini Collection for Spring-Summer 2013

At last, Nero Giardini presented the new collection spring summer 2013 . As always, this brand of shoes made ​​in Italy offers simple, high quality and at the same time modern. They are a good compromise to save your feet and your wallet. It does not happen often to emphasize these features, without looking at high fashion. The normal woman, however, can not live only for Jimmy Choo or Christian Louboutin.

The summer collection contains many soft colors like beige jeans and an original can be easily matched. There are plenty of sockets with square heel and a permanent and wedges, also in combination with sneakers. We can say that the highlight of this brand are just sneakers, comfortable, fashionable and perfect for either the office or leisure.

Even in summer you can not do without the boots? And both boots. You can choose between flat suede boots decorated with fretwork, buttons and doodles, but also more serious models, which make us think of both the vintage and style gypsy. Of course, you can safely switch to low-heeled high-heeled.

Irresistible, finally, the dancers have always been the most comfortable shoe. among other things They look good with both skirts and with pants. If you love to be at least a little glamor, abbinatele a pair of capri pants. To find out some more details, do not miss our photo gallery


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