The Leaders Louis Vuitton Man Must for Spring-Summer 2013

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The Leaders Louis Vuitton Man Must for Spring-Summer 2013

The fashion of Louis Vuitton man for the spring-summer 2013 is divided into two styles: on the one hand we have the complete classic, ideal for the modern businessman who always wants to look impeccable at all times, while on the other hand, there are solutions style is decidedly sportier, almost spartan, reminiscent of a bucolic mood, however, embellished with details and colors like gold.

Accessories include, for example, do not go unnoticed, maxi bags or models of smaller bags with prints reminiscent of the models of Louis Vuitton handbags . The shoes are sports, with an emphasis on the moccasins and models without laces, maybe in two-tone shades, and hats resembling those of peasants, but in a gold shade that stands out.

And what are the leaders Louis Vuitton men ‘s coolest hot this season?

The new collection Louis Vuitton man is made ​​up of clothing that seem to be made ​​specifically for a sailor, a man who usually go overboard and does not fear adversity, showing off a very colorful and lively style, as can be seen by yellow jackets seen on the catwalk or the oversized waterproof.

Due to the warm temperatures of spring and summer 2013 Louis Vuitton man offers many models of shorts, shirts without sleeves crossed as the kimono, as well as short sleeved shirts with checkered print, a classic casual style more urban and metropolitan.

Not forgetting the most elegant complete jacket and pants, paired with shirts with a collar and asymmetrical strictly left open, next to Full stretch short sleeve and shorts are ideal for those who enjoy cycling or for experienced divers!


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