The 5 Celtic Tattoo Designs Popular

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The rich culture of ancient societies tribal Celts of Europe left a fascinating legacy. Today, much of that legacy is reflected in the arts and especially in the art of tattooing. As we know, the Celtic designs are a classic and a wide variety of symbols that never cease to be employed in this art. I invite you to meet some of the Celtic tattoo designs popular briefly reviewing their meanings.
The 5 Celtic Tattoo Designs PopularClover
It is said that herbs of clover were venerated by the Celtic community, saw it as a symbol of the trinity and connection with nature. The way in which the leaves were about to show you how to wise druids guide their people, how they felt when the different gods and energies were in proper harmony and balance with nature. Therefore, the shamrock was a sacred symbol to the Celts, was also considered a symbol of abundance, fertility and provision.

Wheel of Sun
Also known as Taranis wheel, this wheel was a symbol used similarly to a calendar and it identified equinoxes and solstices. In the Celtic legends, Taranis was mentioned as the god of thunder, a deity to which they offered different taxes, including human sacrifice. In itself, this symbol is a kind of calendar, but its visual appeal makes today one of the Celtic tattoo designs most popular .

As we have seen on several occasions, the triskelion, trisquel or Celtic triskele is a geometric symbol that consists of three spiral bound to form a helix. Apart from the ancient Celts, this symbol have also used other cultures throughout history. For the Celts, the triskele represents mainly the growth and evolution, as well as learning and eternal but necessary competition between men. Like most Celtic symbols , it is closely related to the magical, mystical and spiritual and also was used by the Druids in various ceremonies of this type.

Celtic Cross
The Celtic cross is one of the most common symbols such designs. However, it is more related to Christianity that Celtic cultures, in fact, its origin is closer to our age than the rest of the symbols have been seeing today. It is believed that the cross was created by the collision of the first Christian invasions to Ireland, where the crosses were decorated with insular Celtic art. Actually, it’s not just a Christian symbol with a peculiar modification of which virtually nothing is known about it.

The endless knot
The eternal knot, also known as endless knot is a typical Celtic knots . In the artistic decoration of the Celts, these knots were common and were intended mainly for decoration, either sacred places, clothing or tools used by the Celts. However, in this particular case, the endless knot obviously symbolizes eternity, which has no beginning or end, which will never die.


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