A Review of the Dance Shoe Just for You

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bloch aleandro latin dance shoe

Dancing can be tough, and so your shoes need to be tougher. Whether you are trying to impress the ladies or have some fun on the dance floor, you need a shoe that can keep up with you and last as long as you can.The Bloch Aleandro men’s Latin shoes is made from high quality full grain leather. This offers the flexibility needed to dance, but also the support to keep on dancing. The strong leather makes this shoe more than just that, but an investment that will last for a long time. The heel is cushioned with a one and a half inch Cuban heel, furthering the flexibility and support offered and needed for dancing. The Suede outsole allows a vast range of effortless movements, from spins, to slides, to turns, and on dance floors of all types.Whether dance is your calling or your favourite hobby, a good pair of dance shoes can go a long way. The Bloch Aleandro Latin shoes allow you to do just that.


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