Ralph Lauren Autumn-Winter collection 2013-2014

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Ralph Lauren presents the New York Fashion week its autumn winter 2013/2014. As usual, the designer has a fashion show with many exits and returns the public in a typically European. Having been inspired by British fashion or style Spanish for the past collections, now the attention of Ralph Lauren is towards the big chill style from Anna Karenina (so fashionable lately Having regard to coincide with the theatrical release of the blockbuster film starring Keira Knightley) or Christina of Sweden .
Ralph Lauren Autumn-Winter collection 2013-2014The American designer firstly proposes two complementary and opposite mood, one for the day look and one for the look of surrender, however, both retro and charming. During the day the women of Ralh Lauren dress shirt with pants Cossack pants with frogs, white shirt with jabot or blacks bow around his neck. At the foot fit boots, his hands carrying large bags of velvet fantasy. Evening dresses, however, are the apotheosis of femininity with lines from tsarina, jewel embroidery and matching with large bearskin hats with hair. ‘s style is by noblewoman timeless, deliberately vintage, retro volotamente deliberately opulent, so is that the ending is a triumph of panne velvet, fur and taffeta for skirts.

Journey of Ralph Lauren in European history leads us then to the visit of crote of Queen Victoria before moving to Russia’s Anna Karenina , with a brief stop in the Nordic countries. This is also the color palette choice is rigorous and minimal: all played on the black and white, with only a few concessions to the gray and darker tones of velvet (blue, purple, dark green, Burgundy….


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