Pictures of Tattoos of Hearts

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The heart tattoos are one of the most popular and used today as they are designs that allow a variety of colors, shapes and sizes, plus all the symbolism associated with this organ of the human body, which can also change and adapt as the interests and tastes of each person. Now let’s see some of the main designs and meanings that can be associated with different tattoos of hearts. The heart as a symbol is one of the most important and has been involved for a long time the most noble and deep feelings, usually romantic , though it may have-as usual-connotations religious and spiritual.
Pictures of tattoos of heartsThus, as one of the most important organs we have and be directly linked to what gives us life, can represent love in its most extended, but also other feelings as compassion, strength and courage, and these ways it can be used routinely as leaving a personal tattoo that symbolizes love for another person, the memory of loved ones who are no longer or the existence of such feelings that are very meaningful to a person. All these associations have also led to other changes associated with opposite feelings, such as acquiring representations or broken hearts pierced by daggers and arrows. Moreover, as we said, in the religious sphere is a Christian symbol representing the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The versatility of the tattoos of hearts allows observed in different parts of the body such as the waist , back, arms, in the same place in the heart and even the fingers , and their designs take different shapes and colors which may include black hearts (usually associated with a very sad event), broken hearts , with the name of another person , with wings , tribal designs , linked to other romantic symbols like cupid , or waive its typical visual representation and draw real hearts.

Another aspect that has contributed to the popularity of this type of tattoo is the classic, attractive visual feature and romantic heart we all know. The origins of this symbol are still unclear and there is some speculation just how it arose and spread. But most consistent theories consider that this symbol comes from ancient traditions such as the cult of Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love.

In Greek mythology, Aphrodite is a symbol of love but not the romantic sense then emerged with Christianity, but more related to the attraction, beauty, and sexuality. Depending on the way you look, the conjectures considered different meanings of this symbol: from the buttocks of a woman, the shape of the breasts and arms, or the shape created by the pubic hair, or a form that includes both sexual organs female and male.
Pictures of tattoos of heartsTattoos of hearts then can be placed anywhere in the body and very different designs, either by an aesthetic choice or to change its meaning, making them very suitable if you have a tattoo quite classic but with an important meaning for oneself.


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