Official video of Pull and Bear Spring Summer 2013

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If something was missing to catapult Pull and Bear as one of the key brands to dress in the spring summer 2013 , it was the fantastic visual work that the firm recognized for low cost made ​​the video for her new campaign.

Official video of Pull and Bear Spring Summer 2013

In the clip, a few minutes, you can see two pairs of models in a desert landscape means that many have of lunar, which are displayed in the main trends of the brand.

But at first glance, what stands out is the delicacy and simplicity of this collection Spring Summer Pull and Bear , where a classical palette dominates all garments that are blurred in white, camel, many cakes and khaki tones , black and blue.

While a touch of color and vibrancy they give the floral prints , a real must have within this collection, which have been reflected in all kinds of garments, both lady and gentleman, such as sweaters and shirts for them ; calsas, jackets, blouses and skirts for women.

Another trend is the use of highlights and textures openwork crochet in female garments, which give a touch of romance and a lot of femininity, making a series of garments that are ideal for the cooler days of spring.

Meanwhile, divers bicolor have been particularly in the male looks, alternating colors like blue and gray, or various shades of gray, to which we add also suggestive floral prints, some detail and depth.

And while Pull and Bear 2013 is characterized by its classicism and civility, also can be found in the collection minitendencia some folk, applied especially in accessories like hats Andean style and details on dresses and sills.


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