IKKS Catalog Fall-Winter 2012-2013

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With its 25 years in business IKKS has managed to grow in a safe and attractive, with proposals perfect for everyday and versatility to go distitnas situations. IKKS is a trade mark masstigeKnown as half charge, of which my companion Sign Sue Miss Indie recommended for closet. In view of this Autumn-Winter 2012/2013 stayed with their latest.

The high boots almost Musketeer are being seen much around the shops and with these temperatures already reach the streets. IKKS opt for leather and thick rubber heel in a light brown that goes with everything. At the office you can go in a thousand ways but ultimately sets tend to predominate more bland. Not bad from time to time to add a touch more cheerful and festive to cheer up a bit. This sequined vest is a good idea and not excessive for such an environment since its festive remaining boots.
IKKS Catalog Fall-Winter 2012-2013The jacket is a must, it is clear, and suede booties with back zipper and a chunky heel. The pants are abandoning the low back although it still looks a bit. As we walk around with the Military trend each brand’s facing one way. IKKS it points to overlaps and sheep instead of a fine white hair that added to leather jackets, very cute but sometimes these very thin layer rather hot.

Coats know that a good jacket is essential in specific cities and months. No hair fail and beige inside out, with a very warm finish. This same coat I know it was the same as you recommended the other day to discuss best double breasted parka that. I love the line that has and pockets. In leather jackets always opt for the straight, the most sober and brown without being too dark but not clear, because it eventually wears out and this is nicer. This calf leather with pockets meets the taste of the airmen.

For those who prefer to join the fashion (ephemeral, which then passes away) of the Padded There is also an idea that adds a warm hood dryer. We continue with the leather but this time we’re going to red, Color of that if I had to expand the closet with another insurance fall jacket. We return to the black and red pair we just saw in Pippa Middleton. A party style contrasts between little black dress and boots as male.

Best black booties with studs and small heel to combine with another short black dress of silk crepe this time also with fine studs on the shoulders and neck. The third option changes the dress for a cigarette to which are added a blouse perforated in a star and an American with derby shoes without laces. Incorporating more subdued yellow and adding a provocative touch we can stay with this combination.

For the everyday simple sets but gimmicky, as with this jersey for sure worth to join the list of favorites Charlie. At least if he joins mine because I like the cowl neck and is carried down one shoulder showing. Inspiration Chanel does not leave any marks since we discussed the basic jackets. I still do not see the pajama-like tracksuit in groups so it is degraded everything. Who said winter could not go to full white? Can this layer and better.


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