Ideas for tattoos on wrist

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One of the places to tattoo that is gaining more importance is the wrist, as it offers a small flat space ideal to wear designs simple and elegant. If you are interested in this area to get a tattoo, you can use the following ideas for tattoos on wrist for inspiration for your design.
Ideas for tattoos on wristBear in mind that a tattoo in this area of the body will be visble most of the time, so you should not neglect the health of the skin . Also, this is a more or less difficult to hide (you can wear shirts with long sleeves or a watch thick), so you should consider if a tattoo on wrist fits your lifestyle. If you are already decided / to getting a tattoo on the wrist, taking into consideration the following tips, you can adapt for your own ideas when making the design of your tattoo.

Images: The images with simple designs like stars , hearts, flowers, symbols, crosses, etc. they look great on the wrist area, if you lean on an image it seeks to have a style as simple as possible , because the wrist is a small area, this type of tattoos look better than those with many details.

Bracelets: The bracelets are a very popular type of tattoo that level began taking upper arm and ankle, now, this design is also being worn on the wrist, you can choose from the popular bracelets of thorns, like clockwork peculiar drawings or beads forming a rosary, or other forms that can turn around your wrist (arabesques, tribal, branches, etc.). If you choose this type of tattoo, start with a thin and can thicken over time if you wish (and you can wear it).

Phrases: The doll is the perfect place to show off a sentence , but ideally it’s a small phrase, in this area you have the option to choose a phrase whose length is perfect for a bracelet or a phrase that looks good on the inner wrist. As it is likely that the tattoo is small, try to choose a suitable font for the sentence to be read easily.


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