I Pinco Pallino autumn-winter 2013-2014

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On the occasion of Pitti Bimbo in January 2013 , I Pinco Pallino present the autumn winter 2013/2014 which is called the “head in the clouds.” The line for the winter 2014 came from a study of the Heritage brand and an assessment of the innovations on the tendeze fashion. The heads of the collections I Pinco Pallino girl, boy and baby you rimodernizzano: dry lines for the boy and cuts current to the clothes of the girls. The materials are chosen with care and are selected based on the richness of texture combined with an accurate placing of details to be combined with extravagant accessories. Velvets, brocades, silks are blended skillfully with features playful and irreverent, adapted to the world of children.
I Pinco Pallino autumn-winter 2013-2014I Pinco Pallino Couture collection inspired by the atmosphere evoked by Magritte collection of garments I Pinco Pallino Couture : the outfits are designed with clothes from volumes sought and hand embroidery. The Quilted Surreal shape clothes and outerwear from important shapes, geometric and sumptuous to look reminiscent of the fashion of the ladies of the eighteenth century. I Pinco Pallino offers the outfit Irregular Smock, padded with bows, colored stones asymmetric shapes, damask fabrics, denim Glitter and printed taffeta. Latest proposal from the couture line is Macro macramé, where is revisited a classic tailoring transformed with wool and satin semi-gloss contrast.

I Pinco Pallino girls collection line for girls addresses four main issues. The first proposal is for the girls Macro Events : a range of clothes made for special occasions, where dressed in bright taffeta, embroidered with golden roses and lace, are played down by inspiration pirate hats, ribbons striped mohair and filled with rhinestone buckles . Caleidoscopic allover for girls consists of look where volumes are born from crosses geometric, shades and designs clothes. Rosae Rosa has a variation of heads, where the flower symbol of the brand is magnified, carved into cloth, micro you to become foliage or is transformed into accessory.
I Pinco Pallino autumn-winter 2013-2014Finally, the proposal of fashion girl I Pinco Pallino closes with Check Unlikely : tartan designed brush, ruffled hems are unfinished for a line from the apparent incompleteness. I Pinco Pallino children collection The male I Pinco Pallino wearing comfortable fabrics for comfortable fit suited to a life on the move. Goose down parka with fur edging to double lane, sweaters by large volumes, practical trousers make up part of the collection dedicated to young travelers metropolitan eccentric. For formal occasions the looks proposed by I Pinco Pallino do boys become small dandy: suits, coats, broken all in the name of a timeless style made of precious materials such as velvet printed.


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