Halloween Makeup – Have A Ghoul Ole Time

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Halloween is a yearly celebration for people to break out of their normal roles and costumes and into those of another. Cool Halloween make up can greatly increase your success in achieving the desired look for this role.
Zombies, vampires, celebrities and animals are very popular costume ideas. What kind of Halloween makeup works best for these costumes?


Popular the past few years thanks to media and movies vampires and zombies. The walking dead have stumbled their way into out tvs every week. Halloween is a time we can delve into this gruesome make up to scare and delight out friends and neighbors. For inspiration rent or watch your favorite vampire or zombie series or movie. Choose whether you want to go with a simple classic ghoul or a bloody gory one. The basis for the look of the undead is the pale or sallow looking skin. White pancake makeup is critical to taking any semblance of life blood out of your face. Use red and black face paint to mimic darkened under eye or blood stains. Face blood can be created easily enough with cornstarch, water and red food coloring.

Halloween Makeup - Have A Ghoul Ole Time

Depending on how much time you want to spend before the mirror you can go with a simplistic or very complicated version of your favorite monster. If you want a simple scary Halloween make up you can look inside your own make up bag for tools and you don’t want to invest in costume make up. For a sullen look to skin use just your transparent face powder and cover up. Use cover up in those regions like for head, nose, cheek bones and chin to eliminate shine or natural glow, follow with heavy powder. Use heavy dark eyeliner to smudge around the eye and to shade under cheek bones to appear gaunt. For your simple zombie look you make even want to don some fake lashes just to take some of the edge off.

Halloween Makeup - Have A Ghoul Ole Time


Celebrities are great for Halloween time too. To channel you inner dead starlet with glamorous fake eyelashes, dark rouge and lips, also don’t forget other defining marks, like scares or birth marks. If you want to go celebrity and make sure everyone get it make sure you seek out a notable photo ideally a head shot, of the celebrity and copy it literally. You don’t want to go as Liza and get deemed a Michael Jackson, sadly this could actually happen. If you decide to go the celebrity route make sure if you are capturing a celeb in a specific era that your costume portrays and your makeup should follow suit.

Liza Minnelli Superstar: Halloween Makeup - Have A Ghoul Ole Time

Liza Minnelli Superstar


Animals are also fun to imitate. Become your favorite woodland creature with face paints and plastic noses and funny ears. You don’t want to avoid looking like a squirrel instead of a fox makes sure you get the proportions of face coloring down. Again use internet images or detailed nature photos as your guide the most literal translation will probably be your best inspiration. Most importantly capture the eye and nose shape with perfectly blended eye liner and shadow. The eyes and nose will help set you apart from the other party animals. Most animals if you want to go the literal route will require you to purchase some heavy cream based make up to get the facial features to come through.

Halloween Makeup - Have A Ghoul Ole Time

Halloween Makeup

Want to go a simpler route just dig into your make up bag for some black eyeliner, blush and lipstick. You can be a cute kitty or bunny with just a touch of whiskers and red nose. This will get you out of the house and on to the dance floor a lot quicker. Just throw on some ears and a tail and you are out the door. This look could also be ideal for the office party-just in case you are the only one who dresses up for Halloween.

Halloween Cat Makeup: Halloween Makeup - Have A Ghoul Ole Time

Halloween Cat Makeup

Halloween makeup can be as daring as you care to make it. Some people love the theatrics and experimenting with new and complicated make up products. But this year if time and money is an issue just look into your make up bag and make a cute quick face that will get you out there with your friends having a ghoul ole’ time!


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