H & M Divided, the New Men’s Collection Spring-Summer 2013

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H & M Divided, the New Men's Collection Spring-Summer 2013

The models Cole Mohr and Erik Andersson , including a quick change of clothes and other things, the Spring-Summer H & M is known to be always in a hurry, they exhibit a lot of move and varied tattoos that give us the right size (this also is the thing that actually interests us most) of the style diveded .

Whether young and determined there is no doubt, we just look at the rest of the many motorcycle jackets (here strictly black skin glows faintly threatening), tattered and torn jeans, vests exhibited, for the umpteenth time, with swagger (a hint of rebellious spirit can not miss in a collection intended and designed mainly for teenagers) to understand the tastes and needs, quirks and passions of the young and for the spring-summer 2013 choose without hesitation and even a little shameless ( impossible not to notice this side of his character) the outfit signed Divided.


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