Exploring Popular Wedding Dress Trends of 2014

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Popular Wedding Dress Trends of 2014 2

Wedding dress trends 2014 provide a wide array of styles for brides, whether they are in search of a modern, daring, artistic look or a more traditional, sweet, and conservative one. There truly are wedding dresses available in 2014 that seem to have been designed with every type of woman in mind.

One recurring theme that can be seen throughout wedding dress trends 2014 is the use of colors other than traditional white. The alternative color most used by designers, especially in collections for fall, is pink. There are also a lot of dresses trimmed or accented with the color black in some way. Some designers even worked in bright, bold colors like electric blue and canary yellow, most often as accents to otherwise white dresses. There are even some dresses that are multiple colors that fade into one another, such as from white at the top to gold near the floor.

One thing brides who choose a wedding dress in a color other than white should ask themselves is what color they would choose to have their bridesmaids wear. When a bride wears white, this leaves her open to choosing any color for her bridesmaids’ dresses, but if she is wearing a pink gown, she might want to consider having her bridesmaids wear either silver or black as they stand beside her.
Vera Wang bridal dresses fall 2014
Another popular trend for 2014 seems to be straying away from expected skirt lengths. Some dresses shown on the runway this year were very short, stopping above the knee. Others came down shorter in the front than in the back, which is a beautiful way for a woman to accent her legs if she wishes to, providing almost a showcase effect. There were also many traditional, floor-length dresses that appeared in wedding dress trends 2014, and some that stopped just above the floor, around the ankle area. Both of these lengths provide more modest looks.

For women who love the glitz and glamor of the 1920′s, this is definitely an exciting year in wedding dress trends 2014. Designers seem to have been inspired by the the buzz around Hollywood’s “The Great Gatsby” film, because there were many dresses used in collections that reflect that era of fashion. These dresses are showstoppers for women who want to look like shining starlets on their wedding days. These dresses are adorned with beads or sequins, with lots of sparkle and shine to them. Many styles were created in beige or golden tones rather than white.

Many wedding dresses that appear in fashion collections for 2014 look very much like exquisite works of art. Many women with modern taste will be pleased with many of this year’s trends. Several dresses were made with painted fabrics, making them appear almost as a canvas, but a bride wearing a dress with this beautiful level of detail would surely look like a work of art herself. Other dresses have hoods built into them, which might be an interesting alternative to a traditional veil. Some dresses on the runway were featured with belts, many of them being gold, and shaped like a band of leaves. Also, a very popular trend was the addition of gloves to use as accessories to the more dramatic and theatrical dresses. It will be interesting to see the way brides mix and match certain trends together to come up with their own, unique looks for their big, wonderful wedding days.


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