Got em’ In My Clutches: What A Woman Needs To Know About Clutch Handbags

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There are certain items that every girl must have. Since women are so multi-faceted, each girl’s list would be different, but every girl should own at least one pair of designer heels (a coveted pair of Louboutin’s would be great).   Every woman should own at least one piece of genuine diamond jewelry. Lastly, every woman should own at least one clutch handbag. Clutches are fabulous faves and are more popular than ever before.This classic little bag is big on style and it has a history that spans decades of evolution and relevance. Clutches have been the go-to and must have accessory since the 1920’s.  It was the bag of choice for the bad girls of that decade, flappers; who no doubt used it to store their lipstick and cigarettes.The bag is also an icon of style of the super glamorous movie star goddesses of old Hollywood.They of course, were always flanked in beautiful, over the top gowns and furs; which could never be upstaged by a normal handbag. A handbag should always complement and enhance an outfit, not outdo it, or detract from it.

So what does that say about clutch handbags?  Are they bland, little accessories just made for a night on the town?  Well, that is only part of their allure.

Envelope Clutch handbag

Envelope Clutch handbag


A clutch handbag is the charming synergy of style and convenience.  It is the perfect hybrid of a wallet and a satchel/ shoulder handbag.  Historically, the clutch derived from the miniature handbag, the pochette (French for little pocket), which was popular back then, and still is today.   The pochette is an enveloped shaped strapless/ handless clutch that was popular with travelers.  This item is probably how handbags are also referred to as pocketbooks.   Clutches are ideal for galas, parties, formals events, dinners etc., because they hold a woman’s important accessories (phone, keys, compact, Identification, credit cards, make-up, mints, chewing gum); basically all a woman’s immediate essentials when she is at any of the aforementioned events.  Unlike fanny packs, clutches are stylish and timeless and they allow you to have the security of toting a handbag without the bulkiness or nuisance of fuller sized bag.

 Envelope Clutch Chain Purse: Clutch Handbag

Envelope Clutch Chain Purse

The standard clutch size is generally eleven inches long.  They can be slightly larger or even smaller.  Most clutches have a snap, zipper or button closure.  Some come with an open/close flap.  Some clutches come with straps (hands-free), but the most common clutches have none, so that the bag is carried underneath the arm or in the hand.  Yet there are some that have handles “cut” in them for ease and comfort.

Leopard Print Pu Leather Envelope Clutch handbag

Leopard Print Pu Leather Envelope Clutch handbag


Earlier, it was stated that every woman should own a clutch handbag. So it is only right to let every woman who was unaware, the type of clutch handbags she should have. There is a possibility that you may have one or more of these in your closet already.  But that is certainly nothing to sneeze at.Clutches come in all different sizes, colors and designs.  You certainly will have more than enough to choose from.

Let’s start off with the basics:

Basic Black Clutch Handbag

The perfect little accessory to go with your LDB, aka Little Black Dress.  As a cardinal fashion rule, every woman needs both of these items.  They are totally versatile and they will definitely be needed for any of the events that were discussed above.  In fact a good option would be to pick a more casual, professional clutch (leather) and a sexy, shiny vinyl or PVC bag for a night on the town.  For the day to night options, try designs from Michael Kors, Coach and Louis Vuitton, for daytime and Kate Spade or Jessica Simpson choices for the night.

Black Clutch handbag

Black Clutch handbag

All White Clutch Handbag

Of course you would need the opposite of black.  A white clutch is also great for formal occasions and weddings.  A nice choice would be a classic Chanel clutch with a chain strap.  No one will deny your style.

White Clutch Handbag

White Clutch Handbag

The Glam Clutch

Glitzy events require a glitzy wardrobe.  How can you go wrong with a bejeweled clutch?  Any beaded or sequined clutch, with your choice of color will make you look your A-list best. Get your best shine with selections from Guess? and Prada.

Vintage Art Deco Gold Glam Clutch Handbag

Vintage Art Deco Gold Glam Clutch Handbag

Rectangular Clutch Handbag

Any color, any size, any brand.  Be sure to add a medium sized rectangular clutch to your arsenal.  They just have an air of sophistication to them, and when paired with the right outfit and accessories, you will be unstoppable!

A Rectangle Clutch

Rectangle Clutch Handbags

Ultimately if you are indeed a handbag vixen, you know that every handbag has its time and place.  Clutches are so dimensional that you can indeed take them anywhere.  But when it is time to hit the town, leave those shoppers and satchels at home!  Clutch your pearls, and grab your clutch!  It is time to paint the town!


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