Choosing the Best Skin Whitening Cream

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People have a desire to lighten the tone of their skin for a number of reasons. Sometimes it is because they have issues with skin discoloration and they want to utilize products that will even out their skin tone and make dark blotches on their skin lighter so that it will appear to be more normal. Other times it is because people live in certain areas where it is very popular to have very light skin and they lighten their skin intentionally as a direct result.

Ways to lighten skin

Some people choose to use creams in order to lighten their skin and others choose to use different methods to accomplish the same task. These methods are sometimes accomplished by using chemical peels, pills or even injections.

Whitening creams

Creams and typically the most popular way to lighten skin tone, largely because they do not require taking medication or even getting injections to do so. All that is required is applying the cream to the skin. However, whitening creams vary in their effectiveness. Some creams are more effective than others and there is a possibility that creams may not be very effective at all if the discoloration is extremely pronounced. There are some important things to remember when it comes to using whitening creams. In order for a cream to work it has to first get rid of the skin that is already damaged. Therefore, it is important that it be able to effectively allow the skin to shed its dead skin cells and reveal healthier skin underneath. The cream must also be able to prevent additional discoloration from occurring. This is most commonly done by preventing the deposit of melatonin on the skin. Finally, a good skin whitening cream should protect against the sun’s rays in order to help prevent additional discoloration from developing.

Best Skin Whitening CreamMost whitening creams have several different ingredients in common. For example, many of these creams have specific ingredients that are essentially designed to inhibit the production of melatonin and thus create a more even skin tone. Ingredients that are designed to accomplish this are azelaic acid, tretonoin, arbutin, licorice extract and kojic acid. Other ingredients are designed to increase the overall health of the skin, such as vitamin C and aloe vera. Still other ingredients are present in order to prevent additional damage from the sun and effectively act as a sunscreen. These ingredients are typically oxybenzone, octylsalicylate and octyl-p-methooxycinnamate. Of course, the entire product will be ineffective without an ingredient that will effectively get rid of dead skin. This is typically accomplished by adding alpha hydroxy acids to the ingredients.

Some products contain ingredients that are better left alone. When searching for the best skin whitening cream it is important to leave creams that contain ingredients such as mercury and hydroquinone on the shelf. Mercury can be exceptionally dangerous when a person is exposed to too much of it and hydroquinone is thought to harm the skin when used over a long period of time. As a result the best skin whitening cream will not utilize these ingredients, as they are not at all necessary in order for the cream to be effective.


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