Benefits of a Sugar Scrub

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Sugar ScrubOur skin collect dirt and oil that many facial cleanser cannot fight. A solution is a facial sugar scrub. There are several benefits of a facial sugar scrub that cannot be replaced by using a moisturizer, toner, or a facial cleanser.
The sugar scrub is an extreme exfoliator. Therefore, you cannot say no to your daily moisturizers, but a facial sugar scrub does let you say yes to a skin without oil and grime.
Our skin collects sweat and dirt throughout the day. It is a part of life that is natural and cannot be avoided. Your skin can contract dirt from anywhere. Our faces are exposed to dirt every time we use our cell phones. Facial cleansers work best on surface dirt. A facial sugar scrub is a deep cleaner that cleans dirt from under layers and layers of your skin. It is one of the best deep cleansing treatments around. It gets the tiny particles that most common cleansers leave behind.

How do sugar scrubs work?
Sugar scrubs create a defense against oil build up in your skin. When oil builds up, it creates dead skin cells. The dead skin cells will clog your pores. Clog pores are bad for two reasons. They create blackheads, which are very unattractive, and they create acne, which can be very unsightly.
A regular wash with soap and water does not protect your skin from clogged pores. You need to exfoliate twice a week with a sugar scrub. All the gunk in your pores will be removed. Sugar scrubs can irritate the skin if done too often. So if your skin gets irritated, only use the scrub once a week.
Do not wait for your pores to be clogged to use a sugar scrub. You can use it at any time. The scrub is great at controlling the amount of oil and dirt that gets trapped in your facial skin. It is a great preventative measure from any future clogs.
Will a sugar scrub dry out my skin?
Some people are hesitant about using a sugar scrub, because they erroneously believe their skin will dry out. It does not dry out your skin. It actually helps people who are suffering from dry skin regain moisture. The scrub uncovers fresh skin that you can apply moisturizer onto. Unlike your skin before, the moisturizer will actually work on the fresh skin.

How do I use a facial sugar scrub?
It is a simple procedure. Just follow these steps.
Step 1: Find a sugar scrub that matches your skin type. This is important to find a compatible scrub. The wrong scrub can be dangerous on your skin.
Step 2: Wet your face before you apply the scrub.
Step 3: Dab a little facial scrub on your face.
Step 4: Now, gently massage the scrub into your skin. Use circular motions. Rub it in for one minute. It is best to start from the bottom and move toward the top of your face.
Step 5: Rinse off the sugar scrub with warm water. Now, use a towel to dab your face dry. Apply a moisturizer that has vitamin C in it.
Step 6: Enjoy your oil free face.


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